SANTÉ - Women on the move across Europe and health right: gender, health, and inequalities



SANTÉ - Women on the move across Europe and health right: gender, health, and inequalities


The JMO module “Women on the move across Europe and health rights: gender, health, and inequalities (SANTÉ)” brings together experts from a variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, medicine, law, epidemiology, economics, sociology, and political science, which focus on three areas: health disparities and inequity due to gender, the specific problems women face in meeting the highest attainable standards of health, and the policies and actions. The objective of the project is to give the local and international students at the University of Genoa an overview of the continuously changing reality of social Europe.

The module will focus on the inequality of health from a gender perspective to make students acquainted with the opportunities and the tools offered by the Union and the possible conceptual frames that regulate the changing of the policies considered.

This module aims to contribute to the development of quality learning, bringing the studies of the European Union to a further dimension (including the social one) in the more traditional settings of medical and healthcare professions. Students are expected to become more aware of the social dimension of Europe both at the national and supranational levels. Once acquired the fundamental theoretical notions, they will be involved in three workshops and the final congress, together with the teaching staff, to guarantee and foster a new teaching approach that goes behind the traditional role and space of the faculty.

The theoretical background and the subsequent debate will be guided by a group of high profiles and tailored for students interested in improving their knowledge of the link between health and gender, providing a good starting point for broadening the boundaries of the field of EU studies. In addition, the module will significantly impact both the students and the academic offers as it promotes a new awareness of the current situation and the future of the Union in the healthcare and social systems.


Duration: 36 months (1.10.2022 – 30.9.2025)


Coordinator: Anna Siri

Co-coordinator: Emilio Di Maria


Type of activities: seminar, workshops, lessons

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